Tricks To Save Phone Battery

It’s intriguing to think we once had no cell phone. Now, weFullSizeRender can’t leave home without it. I get especially aggravated when I can’t use my phone due to a dead battery.  I started exploring ways to preserve battery life to minimize frustrations.  Coincidentally as I was searching, a friend shared an article with me about “top 10 tricks.” I found the author’s tips really helpful and also well written. The ideas actually work, which is summarized below. (Author uses acronym “BatDetails” for easy recall.) 

B – Bluetooth

A – Airplane

T – Temperature

D – Dim

E – Email

T – Turn Off Vibrations

A – Apps

I – iOS 9

L – Location

S – Signal

To start improving battery life, read the article >here. Let me know what you think.  

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