Save Business Cards In An Electronic Way

staying organized with CamCard
Meeting new people and networking can be fun and invigorating. I am still energized having recently returned from a conference. Like most attendees, I collected business cards and plan to connect again with my new contacts. In the past, it used to take me a lot of time to enter contacts into my phone, but not this time. I leveraged a great app, CamCard, which allowed me to quickly scan (take photo with cell), save and exchange information IN SECONDS. I love the app not only because it kept me organized and saved me time in entering names, phone numbers and related information while at event, but also because the app reduces paper clutter. There’s no need to save business cards as the information is filed electronically. I believe you’ll like CamCard as much as I do given the time-saving features and benefits, without any cost.  (Can read more on website
HERE). Let me know what you think and if there’s other apps you use that make you more efficient in your busy life.


Earn Money Back When You Shop

Do you know about Ebates? It’s like an electronic coupon book that helps you save on purchases without you having to do very much. You can earn cash back when shopping online at Sephora, Nordstrom, Walmart, Kohls, Macys and over 1000 other stores.  

  • There are no forms to mail in. No points to redeem.
  • Amount of cash back ranges 2-8% based on retailer.
  • No Spam emails, only valuable messages (i.e. coupon codes). You can easily opt out.
  • Recommend downloading “cash back” button for your browser. Provides automatic notifications that a site qualifies as you browse online. 

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 7.14.13 AM

Learn more and sign up at no cost or obligation. By using this link, you and I both earn a $5 bonus.

To help understand more visually, watch Fox 4 News video below.

As Ebates explains, it really does “pay to shop online.” Happy savings to all!


Buying Airline Tix? Hopper Reveals When To Get Lowest Price

Whether you travel frequently or just once a year, there’s an app that will be your new best friend to save money. It’s called “Hopper.” The app not only provides flight information but most importantly, it informs how prices will change and notifies when to buy based on predicted lowest points. I’ve been testing the accuracy and it seems reliable. I was about to book a spring vacation and the app notified me to “Wait. Prices will be dropping as low as $63.” Based on this insight, I postponed purchasing my tickets, and in fact have been watching rates slowly decrease. While I am not certain which exact date to buy my flights, Hopper is informing me that “prices will likely rise about $40 after April 23,” which helps in my decision-making process. In sum, I love having “intelligence” to predict the future and believe it’s a great money-saving app. For more information, visit Hopper website >here. If you’ve used Hopper, I’m interested in knowing what you think. I look forward to reading your comments below and/or on Facebook & Twitter.


image knowing when to fly and buy airline tickets




Discover Discounted Books (Some Are Even Free!)

bookbub1Do you love reading but lack time and patience to find discounted best-selling books? When I say discounted, I mean $.99 or just a few bucks, and sometimes the ebooks are entirely free! If so, then BookBub will be your new best friend. It notifies you via daily email alerts about incredible deals across all categories (fiction, business, memoirs, mysteries, cookbooks, etc). BookBub doesn’t actually sell ebooks. It simply does the work for you by searching and aggregating all deals from Amazon’s Kindle store, Barnes & Noble Nook store, Apple’s iBooks, etc. I especially like how the site enables personalization, so that you get email alerts based on your specific preferences i.e. favorite authors and genres. I recommend downloading the app or visiting the website to experience the benefits firsthand. There’s no cost to join BookBub, as it is completely free for readers. For those who are authors, you may be interested in leveraging BookBub to drive awareness and promote your book. Can read more here.

Let me know what you think and if you enjoy any particular books as I’m an avid reader. Share comments below and/or on Facebook and Twitter.






Want Discounted Show Tix? There’s An App For That!

Do you enjoy going to shows yet don’t have time to research for best discounted prices? I recommend an awesome mobile app called “Today Tix” that’s personalized and intuitive to use. The app helps you find and buy tickets really fast, and it is free for IOS and Android users. You can book same day or within a week for over 40 shows. Take a moment and download the app to see the benefits first hand. I’ve got a promotion code to save you $20. Simply enter voucher IKLCI (all caps) at checkout. Once you’ve seen the show, you’ll automatically receive account credit within the app towards your next theater visit. Look forward to hearing what shows you enjoyed and which to avoid. Can comment below as well as share on Facebook >HERE

TodayTix Discounted Shows

Manage To-Do Lists A Smart Way

to dosTo-do lists are very helpful to stay organized and efficient but can be stressful and overwhelming if not managed in the right way. For example, sticky notes and old-fashioned notebooks simply don’t work. They lead to rewriting as they get messy and wasted hours searching for misplaced notes. A digital task manager is the best solution. Once you try it, you’ll never go back to pen and paper again. Having tested many different apps for work and personal use, I highly recommend using either “Things” or “Priority Matrix.” The following is a summary of the two. Continue reading

Tricks To Save Phone Battery

It’s intriguing to think we once had no cell phone. Now, weFullSizeRender can’t leave home without it. I get especially aggravated when I can’t use my phone due to a dead battery.  I started exploring ways to preserve battery life to minimize frustrations.  Coincidentally as I was searching, a friend shared an article with me about “top 10 tricks.” I found the author’s tips really helpful and also well written. The ideas actually work, which is summarized below. (Author uses acronym “BatDetails” for easy recall.) 

B – Bluetooth

A – Airplane

T – Temperature

D – Dim

E – Email

T – Turn Off Vibrations

A – Apps

I – iOS 9

L – Location

S – Signal

To start improving battery life, read the article >here. Let me know what you think.  


Teachable Moments (My Dateline NBC Experience)

Natalie Morales and my daughter filming Dateline NBC episodeWhat do you do when witnessing someone really obnoxious to another person? Do you help him or her, or do you look the other way? I’ve been asking people this question based on different scenarios. The consensus is that people typically mind their own business. They don’t get involved simply because they don’t have time or may be fearful or don’t see a situation as harmful, etc. This was the theme of a recent Dateline NBC show (6/28) that my daughter and I were on.  Can watch highlights featured on the Today Show >HERE and other parts on TV commercial >HERE. While there were conversations not shown on TV that made me proud, I thought the episode overall was amazing and provided valuable lessons.

To sum up a long story, my daughter thought she was going to be interviewed on TV about the subject of teenagers and social dateline nbcmedia. I was asked to visit the studio too and was unsure why at the time. I thought maybe I was going to be on a panel with other Moms discussing a similar topic from a parent’s perspective. That was not the case! We were each set up with hidden cameras to monitor how we would each handle a “mean girl” situation. Rosalind Wiseman, best-selling author of “Queen Bees and Wannabes,” which the hit movie Mean Girls is based on, had a valuable role in the episode. Rosalind has devoted many years to her passion of teaching people “the responsibility to treat themselves and others with dignity.” During the Dateline episode, Rosalind shared strategies to deal with bullying situations both online and offline. Natalie Morales, who is truly admirable and just as beautiful off camera as she is on, was a key lead too.  While the TV program was only an hour long, the story leaves an everlasting impact, especially for my daughter and I. Since filming, we continue to reflect on our experience. I have so many thoughts to share. Time is limited, so I’ll condense some of my realizations below, in random order:

  • There is A FINE LINE between rudeness and bullying. 
  • The younger generation quickly identifies with the term “bullying” more than parents / older generation.
  • Time and place affects decision making. 
  • People respond differently if they know the mean person involved vs a stranger, and if they’re with a friend vs alone.
  • It’s harder to identify mental pain vs physical. If unsure how someone else feels, pay attention to body language. You’ll get lots of insights!
  • Social media complicates matters. Stop hurtful conversations when you see them. If you choose not to, certainly don’t contribute to them.

In sum, my goal is to help increase awareness and drive productive conversations about this important topic. I look forward to your feedback.  

Special thanks to my dear friend Allison and her daughter. I’m grateful that we shared such a memorable experience together.Dateline NBC

Introducing Stacy’s Notes

I’m thrilled to launch my new bog, Stacy’s Notes. It’s been a goal of mine for years, and well, I finally decided to “just do it,” as Nike suggests. I am confident that readers will find value in my research and be able to easily apply recommendations for personal benefits. Topics will include but are not limited to:

  • Easy to use tools / technology to improve experiences and effectiveness (Great apps to talk about!)
  • Motivational quotes that serve as great reminders in different circumstances
  • Great Companies to Buy From given their focus on making our lives easier
  • And More as this blog evolves.

Thanks for visiting Stacy’s Notes. I look forward to connecting with others who share the same passions and interests shared above, and building a community where we can all learn from one another.