Want Discounted Show Tix? There’s An App For That!

Do you enjoy going to shows yet don’t have time to research for best discounted prices? I recommend an awesome mobile app called “Today Tix” that’s personalized and intuitive to use. The app helps you find and buy tickets really fast, and it is free for IOS and Android users. You can book same day or within a week for over 40 shows. Take a moment and download the app to see the benefits first hand. I’ve got a promotion code to save you $20. Simply enter voucher IKLCI (all caps) at checkout. Once you’ve seen the show, you’ll automatically receive account credit within the app towards your next theater visit. Look forward to hearing what shows you enjoyed and which to avoid. Can comment below as well as share on Facebook >HERE

TodayTix Discounted Shows

Manage To-Do Lists A Smart Way

to dosTo-do lists are very helpful to stay organized and efficient but can be stressful and overwhelming if not managed in the right way. For example, sticky notes and old-fashioned notebooks simply don’t work. They lead to rewriting as they get messy and wasted hours searching for misplaced notes. A digital task manager is the best solution. Once you try it, you’ll never go back to pen and paper again. Having tested many different apps for work and personal use, I highly recommend using either “Things” or “Priority Matrix.” The following is a summary of the two. Continue reading