Buying Airline Tix? Hopper Reveals When To Get Lowest Price

Whether you travel frequently or just once a year, there’s an app that will be your new best friend to save money. It’s called “Hopper.” The app not only provides flight information but most importantly, it informs how prices will change and notifies when to buy based on predicted lowest points. I’ve been testing the accuracy and it seems reliable. I was about to book a spring vacation and the app notified me to “Wait. Prices will be dropping as low as $63.” Based on this insight, I postponed purchasing my tickets, and in fact have been watching rates slowly decrease. While I am not certain which exact date to buy my flights, Hopper is informing me that “prices will likely rise about $40 after April 23,” which helps in my decision-making process. In sum, I love having “intelligence” to predict the future and believe it’s a great money-saving app. For more information, visit Hopper website >here. If you’ve used Hopper, I’m interested in knowing what you think. I look forward to reading your comments below and/or on Facebook & Twitter.


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