Save Business Cards In An Electronic Way

staying organized with CamCard
Meeting new people and networking can be fun and invigorating. I am still energized having recently returned from a conference. Like most attendees, I collected business cards and plan to connect again with my new contacts. In the past, it used to take me a lot of time to enter contacts into my phone, but not this time. I leveraged a great app, CamCard, which allowed me to quickly scan (take photo with cell), save and exchange information IN SECONDS. I love the app not only because it kept me organized and saved me time in entering names, phone numbers and related information while at event, but also because the app reduces paper clutter. There’s no need to save business cards as the information is filed electronically. I believe you’ll like CamCard as much as I do given the time-saving features and benefits, without any cost.  (Can read more on website
HERE). Let me know what you think and if there’s other apps you use that make you more efficient in your busy life.

Manage To-Do Lists A Smart Way

to dosTo-do lists are very helpful to stay organized and efficient but can be stressful and overwhelming if not managed in the right way. For example, sticky notes and old-fashioned notebooks simply don’t work. They lead to rewriting as they get messy and wasted hours searching for misplaced notes. A digital task manager is the best solution. Once you try it, you’ll never go back to pen and paper again. Having tested many different apps for work and personal use, I highly recommend using either “Things” or “Priority Matrix.” The following is a summary of the two. Continue reading

Tricks To Save Phone Battery

It’s intriguing to think we once had no cell phone. Now, weFullSizeRender can’t leave home without it. I get especially aggravated when I can’t use my phone due to a dead battery.  I started exploring ways to preserve battery life to minimize frustrations.  Coincidentally as I was searching, a friend shared an article with me about “top 10 tricks.” I found the author’s tips really helpful and also well written. The ideas actually work, which is summarized below. (Author uses acronym “BatDetails” for easy recall.) 

B – Bluetooth

A – Airplane

T – Temperature

D – Dim

E – Email

T – Turn Off Vibrations

A – Apps

I – iOS 9

L – Location

S – Signal

To start improving battery life, read the article >here. Let me know what you think.